Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lesson 152. Every single day should be your airport.

I often wonder how many litres of tears fall to the ground each day in airports.

It seems to me that the airport is a pivotal place in our lives. It's never visited without purpose, without joy, without sorrow. It watches the vast array of emotions in human beings saying hello and goodbye. It witnesses countless arms being wrapped around in love and endless kisses of excitement and heartache.

If the airport could talk, I think it'd tell us not to wait 'til the airport.

Instead, to live with purpose, to feel deep joy and learn how to deal with great sorrow. To make it count before you get in the car to go. Stop waiting, please stop waiting. Stop telling yourself you'll appreciate the ones you love when the time comes, the time is now. I know I've rambled on about this before but today as I walked away from my incredible sister, it became so evident to me. Every single day should be your airport.

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