Monday, September 10, 2012

Lesson 139. Just wait.

I observed a man at the crossing today. He rubbed his hands together and then on his pale blue baggy jeans, and looked at his watch. His face flushed crimson and his eye gave a little twitch as to show sign of resiliency wearing. He looked at the little red man and considered his options.

He then ran. Only to find that about 10 seconds later, it was safe to go.

This resulted in a slight stumble and an increase of red tinge to his cheeks. Something that could've been easily avoided if only he'd trusted the timing of the lights.

I crossed quite happily and made it to my class on time. 

We're impatient creatures aren't we. We're the man all too eager to get to the other side. We find it so hard to simply trust that the lights will turn when the time is right. Save yourself some sweat, your time will come. Just wait. 

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