Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lesson 135. For Daddy.

I used to sit on my Father's lap every night after dinner. I used to ask him life's most burning questions, like why his face had spiky hairs on it and how come sometimes people leave to be with Jesus instead. And he'd answer with all the wisdom and caution of a man more thought than spoken.

My Dad can fall asleep anywhere. In films, in the car, mid-conversation. We used to have family sleepovers where we'd all drag down mattresses in the lounge and get the giggles when he started snoring. He's strong enough to shut off when he needs to.

Gregory loves to dance. He can't, but he loves it. He bends his knees out of time and his favourite move is holding an imaginary microphone for the person next to him. He knows who he is and he understands joy. 

He has held my tears and my heartache. Lost countless hours of sleep as my sobs from the next room sink in. He has rested his arm around my shoulder and pulled my mother next to us and spoken volumes in silence. My Dad knows how to love without condition and he knows how to fight. Injustice isn't something he lets live in his life. 

There's a lot to learn and a lot to be thankful for within the men who taught us how to ride our bikes. There's a lot to see when looking back over life at the moments we share with the people who care.

Be grateful, be honest, say it out loud. Appreciate your father, or someone who has stood for you. Be brave, be strong, be all that has been instilled in you from conversations on laps and dances at family weddings. For Daddy. 

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