Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lesson 149. Hold on, we're gonna get through it.

It's safe to say that you and I both are wondering when I'm going to get back on the regular blogging bandwagon. Although playing hard to get has always been my specialty, I do believe that in this instance I've been relatively impossible to get, rather than just teasing you and eventually surrendering to the inevitable-that I would once again be yours like someone who plays the game well would.

I pondered for a moment. I realised that maybe I'm just waiting 'til I feel like I've got the strength to pull wisdom out of these dreary days. Maybe I'm just waiting 'til I've got it together and can pull of a perfectly straight smile without a hint of discontentment or disillusionment. And then I realised that that idea in itself would defeat the purpose of this blog, wouldn't it? I'm far from perfect, I'm overly human. I have my days on top of the world and I have my days on the bottom. I have my moments of indescribable joy and I know the sound of silence and his best friend loneliness. The point of this blog was never to ignore or iron out all the kinks and eliminate all downfalls of this mad ride, the point of the blog was to sightsee, to scream, and to smile together.

I'm a messy creature. Literally and figuratively. It's midnight and I'm sitting on my floor surrounded by clothing and papers that I have no intention of cleaning up in the near future. I have assignments to begin and chores to complete yet I sit, typing to some strangers on the internet. I'm a strange and messy creature but I'm learning to love myself for it.

It's okay that you have bad days. It's more than okay and it's ever so normal to feel alone sometimes. It's even better to be honest.

We're flawed. We're messy. We're broken but we're beautiful. We're made with the strength to stand up again. Our eyes are called to see past our imperfections and believe that what we've been given is unique to only us. It's a wonderful thing to be alive, and it's a wonderful thing to have the chance to change. It's a wonderful thing to realise just how messy and spectacular you are.

The beauty so often lies within what happens when we feel as though we're going nowhere. The beauty is the moment we overcome. It's not always what is immediately given but what we're taught by the hardest seasons that makes us quite so incredible.

So this is take two, welcome back, and in the words of my pal Olly Murs, Hold on, we're gonna get through it.

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