Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lesson 137. Real men cry.

It's certainly a powerful sight. 

Lord Grantham, overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of his love for his broken daughter, demands that she does not marry for the sake of saving the family's name. No no, he insists she must marry a man of great bravery at all costs, for he believes that she deserves better, more than the coward she is marrying in order to bury a late night mistake.

It's certainly a powerful sight.

My Father, not a man of many words. Weeping, throwing his fist in the air and declaring 'That's the stuff! A man after my own heart!' whilst watching this tearjerker of a scene taking place.

I'm proud that my Dad can cry. That he lets it out and rejoices in the happier moments. He's actually better known for the tears that come in moments of pride or unexpected joy, I think that's a beautiful thing. 

Shrug off your staunch and try a tear today. I'm telling you, real men cry. 

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