Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lesson 151. Be the wild wind of change.

The wind is wild outside my window.

Not a gentle rain and wind duo to lull any lonely heart to sweet sleepy surrender. No no, none of that. An angry wind. A wind relentless to the window although it will most likely never see the other side.

I want to be like the wild wind. Although it hardly paints a picturesque delicate scene, it paints one of passion and a raw sense of justice. I think sometimes the most breathtaking of life's blessings are the ones that are abrupt, that are real and raw. It lets out an undeniable battle cry that lets the world know that even though the odds are against it, it will stay by window and sigh with all the force nature instilled in it until I listen up.

Be relentless in your battles for what you believe in. Don't be a quiet wind, a lull in the background easily missed, no no, be the wind that stops the sleep. That awakens those lost in shallow dreams. Be the wild wind of change.

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