Monday, September 17, 2012

Lesson 145. Kisses every goodbye and I love you's every waking moment.

I had another startling incident on what was the Saturday morn of many revelations.

I was awoken to my flatmate in a state, her Dad had been hospitalised and no one could diagnose him. I had to jump in the car and drive back to Tauranga.

As I drove home I was confronted by a raw realisation. Life can change in an instant. Whether it's an 8am wake up call or clinging for dear life to a cliff, life can take the scariest of terms. I kept squeezing the steering wheel to distract from the tears that were brimming, I'd never quite realised just how quickly time turns. I'd never had quite so much to thank God for than I did in that moment.

That the news for Naomi's Dad hadn't been worse. I wanted to wrap my arms around the ones I love and never let them go. I kind of still want to, so I'm going to try to in a less physical sense.

This state we call living is not permanent. That alone should be cause for kisses every goodbye and I love you's every waking moment. It's not something born of fear, although fear can be a trigger, it's something born of fresh perspective. It's born of a deeper understanding of what really matters.

Start now. Don't wait 'til you're woken by a harsh reality and what ifs rule your wild mind. I challenge you to do the following things today:

1. Tell someone you love them
2. Give someone your seat on the bus
3. Go outside and marvel at the world around you
4. Give a great big bear hug
5. Drop a coin for a stranger to pick up

There's a start. Baby steps. Realise that life is fragile and do something about it. Make right now count, kisses every goodbye and I love you's every waking moment.

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