Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lesson 101. Work as a team to carry the groceries

My flatmates and I just braved a supermarket trip from the firey pits. Oh what it is to have first world problems, to be petty and whiney and complain about the bags we had for groceries. Nonetheless, much like everything else in life, I had to find a lesson in it. There has to be something good about lugging 11 flimsy plastic bags filled up with less than flimsy groceries to our apartment.

Louise's finger turned purple, my milk bag dropped on K road, I couldn't stop laughing and this made the task slightly more strenuous particularly because I'm not much of an exercise fan. We were shrieking and stumbling in a less than ladylike fashion but I suppose it bonded us. It forced us to work together to carry the things we couldn't carry alone. Maybe we'll be able to do that a little more in life, maybe forgetting our eco friendly sturdy grocery bags was something meant for metaphorical purposes. It's possible that God's putting these cheeky little physical metaphors for what our hearts are longing to discover all over the place if we'd only start to notice. 

Darling, if I'm honest (which I am because as afore mentioned we've reached that level of intimacy) me and my flatmates have been a little, well, flat this week (excuse the pun, except don't really because now I've realised it I'm thoroughly enjoying it, I'm also enjoying brackets and my fan heater right now.) We've all shed a few tears for our homes, all been wading through winter just trying to see the sun. Life feels better when you don't walk alone. When you carry things together, reshuffle things together, work out just how you're going to make it home together, you actually manage. Don't try and carry things on your own. I know it's glorified, and perhaps you'd like to be the dark horse mysterious lady who carries the weight of the world in her half smile but let me assure you, that's less than healthy and only works in films with extremely good looking brooding males. Work as a team to carry the groceries. 

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