Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lesson 99. Take it from baby blue.

I witnessed the most spectacular display of Gods goodness at about 10.48 this morning.
At 10.48 this morning I saw the beating heart of a child not yet to see daylight. I saw the beating heart of baby blue, a testament to the brave heart of a woman I love dearly.

I realised just how breathtaking life is. At every stage. And just how overlooked its true value is.

Wake up with a happy head because you were blessed enough to see the morning. Look in the mirror and instead of doubting the size of your jeans, find beauty in the state of your heart. It is beating, you are beautiful, and you are valued. You were a little blueberry in a belly once, but something in you grew to be greater. By the grace of God you became something rather wonderful, and that's not something to be overlooked when one used to exist as only a thought.

Life is so beautiful. Take it from baby blue.

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