Monday, July 30, 2012

Lesson 102. Appreciate Bebo.

I've just spent the last two hours browsing the oh so awful bebo in order to dig up some dirt on a dear friend for her 21st. Apparently it dug up a lot more. I found two of my closest friends now that were 'down for whatever', a best friend from highschool who wrote to me and asked what conditioner I used because my hair smelt so good and a private message fight with another friend from intermediate who I haven't spoken to since leaving my hometown. I laid eyes on banter between me and the first boy to break my heart. It's a strange alternate reality that I used to call my own.

I can see where I used to stand and I can see traces of the things that walked me here. Things that felt like the world as I knew it was crumbling are the things that have shaped the way I am today. I didn't know it then but all the tears and the nights spent sobbing into Snoosans shoulder because I feared that my heart was too broken for tomorrow to come have paid their dues. I'm believing that life works like this. That in a few years the tumbles and falls I've taken through this season will seem but blimps that built me better. I can see that now, and I know I'll see it again.

If we never tried we'd never know, if it never rained we'd never grow. Growth can be painful, it can stretch us and bend us to near breaking. Hold on tight friend, you're in for the ride of your life. Have hope in the fact that although hard things have happened, you're better. They've made you better. Appreciate bebo.

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