Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lesson 91. Button up your pajamas properly.

I just pulled on my pj's in a scurry. It's a little chilly which makes the process of changing a race against the clock.

I sat down to find that my buttons were a little, well, askew. My top one had met it's less than correct neighbour and they'd all partnered up with strange matches. It was like some strange far out town where everyone is married to their cousin- there's no desirable outcome. I stopped and realised that this was a lesson that may have great significance to my life and yours. Why didn't I just do things a little slower? Why didn't I take 30 more seconds and ensure that I'd done things right the first time?

Don't rush. Don't muddle your buttons in a hurry. Save a little time and distress and breathe. Just take your time, do things right, do things purposefully. Button up your pajamas properly.

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