Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lesson 94. We've got a lot to learn from Peter.

Peter Pan, you heartthrob.

I’ve just realised that one of my favourite films is actually the story of bittersweet heartbreak. See instead of the usual boy meets girl, fall in love, big drama, fall back in love, marriage, babies, roll ending credits, Peter Pan goes: boy meets girl, fall in love, big drama, fall back in love, boy leaves, girl never sees him again, boy watches from afar, roll ending credits. It’s quite the revelation, my storybook shattered; this realisation has taken me to a place of deeper appreciation for the beloved tale of Pan. Do you know why?

No, you don’t, that’s a bit silly of me to assume because you’re not actually inside my relatively topsy turvy jumpy roundy headspace. So I’ll tell you. It’s because I still believe that Peter Pan has a happy ending, it’s just not the one we’re used to. It’s because in spite of the fact that Peter and Wendy are a little broken hearted when the ending credits roll, it’s an internationally celebrated story. It makes me believe in beauty in brokenness. That even though something didn’t work out perfectly, it inspired many and still does today. It brings hope to all, because it awakens a thought that things do not have to be perfect to be monumental to the world. Don’t lose hope because life hurts, have hope because it is then that we learn to go forwards. We've got a lot to learn from Peter. 

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