Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lesson 93. Make sure you’re in the right before accusing others of wrong.

I had a tanty today. I couldn’t find my CD that I’d created for my drive home (entitled “Lonely roadie”) and I was not a happy chappy. I demanded at everyone who had entered or exited my vehicle that they explain their whereabouts at the time of the CD’s disappearance. Today, I’m a little embarrassed. I opened my handbag to put my keys in today and discovered that lonely roadie had travelled the whole 3 hours by my side. Not in my CD player but by my side. -5 points for negligence, +3 points for title of CD. I’m still in the negatives because I didn’t look to myself when the musical delight disappeared, I shot accusatory questions towards others. It’s a natural reaction but it’s certainly not a healthy one.

The way we work quite seems to be one of embracing our own flaws and frowning upon others. Instead of first checking if we’ve done the right thing, we turn to our neighbour and point the finger. It should be the other way round. Where does responsibility lie within our situations? Did I put my CD in the right place? Did I remember to bring it? Did I stupidly stash it in my handbag? Had I asked myself these questions I would’ve A. found my CD. And B. Avoided unnecessary accusations towards the innocent. It would’ve been a simpler solution. In future, double check yourself. Make sure you’re in the right before accusing others of wrong. 

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