Monday, July 9, 2012

Lesson 82. Have faith in people.

Getting your wisdom teeth out is an expensive procedure. My sister's situation was no exception to this.  On finding out our insurance didn't cover this, my father creased his furrowed brow, rubbed his grey noggin and sighed, he knew what had to be done had to be done and accepted the large bill as graciously as possible.

This evening we had a rather heartwarming email from the surgeon who performed Annie's surgery. He notified Dad that he had $0 owing, and that the surgery was free of charge. Why? Because he believes what goes around comes around and he's noticed the nature of my parents. He's noticed the time and tireless effort they invest into our church and community. People like him give me hope.

So there are a lot of bad people around and we hear about them a lot. I have hope that there are more good than bad. I have hope that one day their stories will be told. It starts with people like you and I, it starts with faith. Cynicism is rampant and reality seems to strangle romantic notions of giving hearts. I assure you, this is not the case in my reality. Have faith in people. 

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