Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lesson 15. Don't forget your lunch.

Wednesday lunch time is my favourite of the weekday/midday selection. This is because I eat with first class pals from numerous areas of my life. Today was no exception, it even had added greatness because my little-big sister was thrown in the mix. I would go as far to say it was perfect in terms of lunchenating standards, but I made a fatal mistake in my mid-morning rush to get ready for my 11am lecture. I forgot my lunch.

My belly bleated throughout the 2 hour lunch period. Although the superb company kept me occupied, my stomach cried out for my attention only to be covered by awkward coughs and sneezes so that people wouldn't think my digestive system was always this vocal. I arrived home from lunch and I ate anything and everything. Some crisps, my last packet of biscuits, I even bought some tasty little chocolate morsels on my way home. This resulted in me being as bloated as a beached whale. I cursed the moment I shut the door on my way out this morning simply because it made me make poor decisions in my eating habits. Don't forget your lunch and then come home and binge.

Fill yourself up on the solid things and do it at the right time. Don't try and fill your hunger for true substance by chowing down on temporary fixes. Plan ahead, do things the correct way and at the right time and I think you'll find your life will be a lot more balanced. Apply it to all areas of life. Don't go looking for love in one night stands, don't go looking for a full stomach in a bag of mini chocolate digestives. Don't go looking for meaning in things that are meaningless, don't expect to stumble across a sandwich at your over priced one-stop convenience shop. It's as simple as that really. Don't forget your lunch.

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