Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lesson 22. Don't let one topple get you down.

I'm horribly klutzy. Hideously clumsy/physically awkward on the best of days. 
I should try watching where I walk? Yes, my nature will take that challenge and I will most likely land somewhere in the facial region. No need to go into great detail, but let's just say many a body part has suffered due to my graceless two left feet.

I find myself tumbling around most of the time. Not in a playful-cute uncoordinated way,  but a Miranda Hart meets a flailing fish kind of way. Sometimes I'll be walking somewhere and I'll have a wee topple. I try to brush it off with a giggle but it is all too easy to let it determine my attitude towards the rest of my journey. It's so easy to let one topple determine the way you walk everywhere. One little niggle- a bad start to the day, and we create an attitude of "I'm having a bad day. Everything bad is happening. Why?" Which is ridiculous really. Because a topple is simply a moment. It's a little stumble, a tiny fall. It's something we should be able to get back up from and forget about, rather than letting it define our attitudes towards life.

Maybe you have something in your life that you are clumsy with. It might be walking or it might be a relationship. It might be something you are finding hard to process and you feel like no matter how hard you try you keep landing on your behind in the middle of the street. So I challenge you, don't let one area of your life define all the others. I know you are struggling, I know that it gets hard and confusing. But I also know that if you let it, it will dominate your existence and that is no way to live. Be a person of courage and wisdom who can acknowledge when things are hard but can also pick things back up and piece them back together. Be someone who can move forwards instead of living in a fumble of a momentary fall. Don't let one topple get you down. 

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