Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lesson 19. When one excellent bagel selling establishment is closed, another is open.

I had a mighty hankerin' for some bagel action at around 11.17 this morning.
So I explained to my flatmates how a short stop at this great cafe I knew would be the best route to the supermarket and would surely enhance the grocery experience as whole. Luckily my flatmates listen to their stomachs as often as I do and understood the urgency of my needs.

So I popped some appropriate clothing on and we toddled on down to my favourite bagel selling establishment only to have our hopes dashed- It was shut.

We debated for few minutes. Dunkin' Donuts? Some other circular food item with a hole in the middle resembling my stomachs desire? Alas, it would not suffice. I had eyes for one tasty treat only, bagel bagel bagel. Once again, my flatmates displayed their deep compassion and understanding of cravings and held my hand in my hour of need. We began the quest to find somewhere else.

We almost walked past a small/empty cafe on one of the side streets. However, as we drew closer, one of my girls pointed out a toasted bagel option on the menu. And believe me, it just got better from there. We were greeted by the sweetest fun size asian lady I've ever laid eyes on. She was so happy to see us and relieve us of our ache for toasted goodness. The bagel was well, the bagel, the service was the cream cheese, and the company was without a doubt the bacon to my morning.

Don't be disheartened when a door is closed. When our most obvious option does a disappearing act, it is so easy to lose hope in ever getting what we want. It's so easy to sit down on the pavement and hold your overly vocal belly. It's so easy to settle for less. Well maybe it isn't a case of doing that, maybe it's just accepting that what you want might be somewhere else, in a different form, in an even greater moment or place. It's about holding to hope with sheer force and battling through. Believing that you want something for a reason and pursuing it unswervingly. Go get your bagel! Have faith, when one excellent bagel selling establishment is closed, another is open.

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