Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lesson 37. Slippers are imperative.

I crawled into bed at the ungodly hour of 6am this morning after doing an overnighter in the studio with my musically bad ass boyfriend and his awesome amigos.

By doing an overnighter,  I mean I recorded a guide track and them wriggled into a sleeping bag and left the boys to it for a few hours. I awoke distressed to find my baby blue Winnie the pooh slippers no where to be seen. I could've sworn I'd stepped out of them only centimetres away from my sweet dozing destination. I began to ponder the greatness of my slippers.

Many a chilly night my toes are benumbed- who do they long for? My slippers. Many a lazy morning where shoes are not appropriate but footwear is beneficial- what do my little piggies cry for? Not roast beef, no no, my slippers. They make my tootsies toasty, bring lovin' for my little ones and warmth for my walkers. Slippers are imperative to life in general.

We all need something to make the walk a little easier. A little something to step into when you wake up in the morning to add a little bounce to your step. Maybe it's reading something that reminds you of how much you are worth every morning. Maybe it's a friend you can rely on not only when you're in need of some easy Sunday morning company but who waits for you when life gets cold. The little things can often make all the difference. Don't lose them, appreciate them and love them. 

Soon enough my slippers appeared. Although a little out of sorts because of their inhabitants. Yes, that's right, my boyfriend had discovered how excellent slippers are. I told him he needs to pick up a pair of his own, slippers are imperative. 

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