Friday, May 11, 2012

Lesson 24. You are loved.

I came home. I packed my bags and I got on the bus and I walked down Spring, up Wharf and along Monmouth. I surprised my Mother and it was the best feeling ever. I laughed with my Father and it did my soul good. I have missed where the sky meets the water at sunset. I have missed knowing the exact route home. It is good to be back even though it's only for a day.

If I'm being perfectly honest with you part of the reason I'm home is because I'm escaping. I was discussing this with dear ol' Da on our way home and although he made light of it he knew that I was running from my cloudy head and weary heart. I have been weepy for the last week. I have been exhausted for the last three days. I have run circles around logic and squares around my heart, none of my paces seem to make anything fit. So I decided to escape the clutter of the city and return to my semi-rural paradise that houses the best parents in the universe for a few days. Clarity, here I come!

Today's point of clarity: You are loved.

I can't say exactly how I know, but I do. I know that you are loved. And because of this I know that things will be okay. No matter how hard they feel right now, someone loves you. Maybe more than just someone, maybe 203947923748293847923857 someones love you. But one person loving you should be enough to spark a little hope, make you want to take another step, breathe another breath, love in return for another day. I aired the entirety of my life out with my parents tonight and although no conclusions or direct courses of action were reached, I arrived in a pretty striking place.

Things are hard, I get it. Things don't balance or sit right and there's a hair out of place on the left side of your head. Your heart might feel like it's about to split into straight twos but let me tell you, you are loved. My parents reminded me of that tonight without even saying the words. Realising that I am blessed enough to have the love of two awe-inspiring people suddenly woke me up. No matter how big my problems are I can count on the love of those who have raised me crazy-and-all. No matter how big my problems are I can count on the love of the one who knows me, my flaws and their burden yet still chooses me to do greater things.

Maybe your love is from someone else. I don't know who, maybe it's your best friend or your boyfriend or your Auntie's homegirl's goddaughter, but I know that you are loved. Know that being loved is precious, know that it is NEVER something to be taken for granted. Love will get you through this season. Appreciate the love of your Mother, your Father, your siblings, your dearest friend. Today's point of clarity: You are loved.

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