Monday, May 14, 2012

Lesson 27. If we never tried we'd never know. If it never rained we'd never grow.

Sincerest apologies for the behindhand post. A series of events last night meant all I could manage was a title before collapsing into a little sleep ball.

I was lulled into the land of snoozing last night to the sound of rain. I awoke to the same constant falling of water on the roof outside my bedroom. I have learnt to love rain for the way it seems to bring life to things. I have learnt to love rain for the promise that it will stop, and a rainbow will come.

I have known saturation a little too well over the last few weeks. I have felt the rain seep in deeper than my skin. I have had my moments of hatred for the very liquid itself. I have wondered why it has been raining. I have questioned why I must be in a place where clouds exist. It's hard to understand why life can be challenging sometimes. But I've realised that rain is absolutely a necessity in order for us to ever grow. We must endure times of rain and hardship in order to become something more beautiful. I want to run and skip and dance in the rain because of the way it is shaping me. I will rejoice in the trials that life throws at me only because I know that I most definitely will come out the other side better for it. Your rough parts are being bumped off, the rain in your life is sanding you. It's uncomfortable because hardship is well- hard, but there is so much beauty to be seen in the rainbow. You might have put your heart on the line and it might feel like the line itself snapped. You might be feeling as though you tried and you failed. Get back up, learn, see how you've grown from the fall itself.

I just looked out my window. There is a rainbow and it made me cry. There is so much beauty in the other side of rain. Look forward to it, hold onto it, rejoice in fact that you are learning and growing, possibly more now than ever before. I see it, I see the rainbow and I hold it in my heart almost as dearly as the double-rainbow youtube sensation. There is hope. If we'd never tried, we'd never know. If it never rained, we'd never grow.

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