Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lesson 21. Let a little nonsense out.

Me and my lovely ladies sat down to dine tonight having had average days at our various educational institutions. Not bad days, just dreary glum days. The weather got the better of my fragile heart today.

We began with the de-brief of the day. I poured out my insignificant woes and then ended up pouring out various other nonsensical things. It was brilliant. I made up all sorts of ludicrous yarns and spun them 'til they were dizzy. We laughed so much my very composed flatmate almost spat her yoghurt out. I feel like that detail is necessary because if you knew Jasmine you'd know it was a bit of a rarity for her to have such an outburst.

Talk nonsense every once in a while. Make light of a situation, have a laugh about something that may seem too serious to handle. Tell stories, fiddle with fiction. It always puts a heavy head at ease when it is able to express the strangest of emotions through absolute claptrap/balderdash/hogwash. If today has been one of those days, let a little nonsense out.

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