Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lesson 29. Make pretty bows out of kitchen roll.

This is perhaps the most bizarre title we've seen yet. I had a particularly delicious encounter today with slight insanity and a large roll of hand towel. What was born was something quite unique. I may or may not have been dressed up like Britney Spears (in 'Hit Me Baby One More Time') and shakin' the junk in my trunk to a bit of Beyonce for my all too amused/slightly scared flatmates. Again, it involved a few moments of slight insanity but I like to think we can bring something quite special out of the madness.

On my floor lies the bow that I fashioned as a fabulosmic accessory for my little skit. It is made out of mere kitchen roll, but it's quite something. It sits well because the material is made to be somewhat rigid, it seems to work well and stay in place. The madness somehow meant I could imagine something better out of something everyday. Take advantage of your moments of madness, let them inspire and spark you. Do something creative with the crazy. You might make something average quite sensational.

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