Friday, May 25, 2012

Lesson 38. Have a night off and in.

I write this post with blurred eyes and slurred speech because weariness has taken it's toll.
On one side I have my friend chocolate and on the other side I have her sweetheart, hot chocolate.
On my bed awaits a sweet Snoosan, my exceptionally handsome main squeeze.
Beside Snoosan snuggles my warmth for the winter, my hot water bottle with the cover that my mother knitted.
Pillow awaits the fall of my head, blankets pull me towards bed.

My eyes are slightly puffy and sleep is employing his charms. My heart is at rest and my mind is at peace. There is chaos outside but it does not belong with me. I am at ease, ready to bid goodnight to the wild world. What a glorious way to spend a Friday evening after a hectic fortnight. Have a night off and in.

Goodnight wild world. 

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