Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lesson 33. Commit, don't quit.

I'm a University student. I know the Monday-is-coming-and-I-want-to-drop-out-and-go-to-live-back-at-home-in-the-fully-catered-bliss-of-my-parents-warmth feeling all too well. 

Many nights I've told my flatmates that I'm quitting as soon as the sun rises in the morning. They okay me for lack of a better way to deal with my defeatist attitude. They know me too well to challenge or actually believe my melodramatic statements when it's late and they've heard me listening to Westlife's 'Home' through the wall. Sometimes life seems to bog me down so much my shoulders almost cave in. I occasionally indulge in the thought that I'd be better off just letting them fall and accepting a gradual failure. Luckily, these lapses of sanity are only momentary. Another side of me steps in with great gumption and stomps that thought to dust; this side is called stubborn Lydia. I think you'd probably fancy stubborn Lydia, she's great. 

Dig your heels in and do your best. Invest everything into what you're doing and who you love. If it still falls apart, you can walk away from the wreckage knowing you fought your fight with the strength of more than a soldier. Get your stubborn on and say "No!" to the someone inside of you who tells you it's okay to give up. It's not okay to give up until you've given all. I think you'll be surprised at the results if you use that sass for good. Put your hand on your hip, point your finger out, tilt your head and pout at that assignment until you've owned it like the strong independent woman/man who don't need no man/woman that you are.

You just can't afford to walk away with regrets. What if's have no place in your life. Do all that you can to do all that you want. It is only then that we discover what we are capable of and where our hope lies. Commit, don't quit. 

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