Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lesson 42. Yes you can. You just did.

I've been cramming and craving and slightly crazy. Inspiration seemed to escape me today, the day itself has been full of here's and there's and lists and un-ticked boxes. Unfortunately none of these tickled my fancy and my thought process has been rather bland.

I was discussing this with my flatmate about 5 minutes ago. This just was after we'd put on the Greys Anatomy soundtrack and she sat on my bed while I read out some blogs in my best Meredith voice. (It's fun, try it.) Anyway, I was prying for a key phrase to base tonight's blog on. I begged dear sweet Lou for some inspiration and she simply replied "I can't do it."

It's an automatic response. When pressure is applied, the barriers come up and any faith goes down. We somehow suddenly lose any previous knowledge of the said topic and retreat to our shells of self doubt. I experienced this today in a test, although I'd studied and knew all the answers, I fumbled and I fell. I have another big test tomorrow and I've decided to come at it from a different angle. I've decided to say that I can. I can do it, I know it and I've learnt it and I have what I need to get it done. We need to retrain our automatic response to being one of confidence and assurance in our giftings and abilities. How much further would we get if we exchanged I can't's for I can's?

You are capable Negative Nigel, be Positive Paul. You can do it. Take a deep breath before your response and recall what you've invested time into. You will be strides ahead of sad lonely Nige if you simply believe that you have the strength to press forwards it. I know you can. I know my slightly batty but still very beautiful flatmate Lou will be reading this about now- well, in response to your earlier statement:

Yes you can. You just did.

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